Big Business Social Media Strategies for Small Business

Big Business Social Media Strategies for Small Business
In our first episode host Mary Foley talks with social media expert and PR maven Christina Dick, founder of TFB Agency in Richmond, VA. Christina has designed and implemented social media campaigns with A-list businesses and organizations such as Walmart, GEICO and Capital One. Now she is applying her big business expertise to small business success.
Listen and learn:
  • How small business can be just as savvy, smart and effective using social media as big business
  • The top 3 social media mistakes by businesses she sees again and again
  • The short list of keys to any successful social media initiative
  • Recommended social media platforms and tools that she recommends
  • What you need to do now to create or re-create your social media plan for your business
Plus hear her answers to 13 fun, quick questions to get to know every guest!
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Mary Foley Known for her insights, candidness and humor, Mary Foley energizes women’s careers and events as a captivating keynote speaker, panels 2.0 facilitator, and designer of event experiences that professional women crave. She is the author of three books, including Bodacious! Career: Outrageous Success for Working Women, blogger on WorkingMother.com, and former co-host of the Girlfriend We Gotta Talk radio show. Learn more at maryfoley.com.
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